Same Day Edit – Wedding Video

We don’t shoot a TON of wedding video, but we’ve done plenty over the years. I like doing it on occasion, especially when we’ve been hired to cover the photography as well. It’s just easier when the people you’re working along side all day are on your own team!

One of the most advantageous wedding videos we ever did was a New Year’s Eve wedding in Columbus, Ohio – downtown at Via Vecchia in the brewery district. The couple challenged me with doing a Same Day Edit, but not just that – one that would culminate with a New Year’s Eve countdown!

Admittedly, this was quite an undertaking that required a lot of planning and pre-production in order to get it done right. I ended up storyboarding the SDE (same day edit) well before the wedding – that way I would know exactly which shots were going to go where before I even started editing. Throughout the day, I had two of my shooters constantly bringing me memory cards of footage that I downloaded onto my laptop, and started culling clips into a useable storyline.

The amount of planning ahead of time paid off, because I was able to put together the same day edit, new year’s eve countdown and all, with about 45 minutes to spare before midnight. We rolled our projector and screen out onto the dance floor, and tapped our audio straight to the Dj’s soundboard. And exactly 4 minutes before midnight, I hit play.

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