Erin and Curtis / 07.29.2017 Veritas Winery

I had the opportunity to photograph Erin and Curtis’ wedding last week at the beautiful Veritas Winery in Virginia. It’s always a challenge, a fun one, to photograph at a new location. While there are plenty of really nice places to get married in Columbus, travelling for one is one of my favorite things to do. It’s not just the travel part, although that is a big part of the fun, but it’s the challenge of shooting someplace that I’m unfamiliar with that is so rewarding.

The day before a shoot, and sometimes even before that, I typically go to the venue to scope out the scenery and start getting ideas for where I’ll be shooting what. For instance, with Erin’s wedding I knew from the day before that I wanted to use the staircase leading up to the bridal suite to take some portraits of her. The light was streaming in and I knew that she would look amazing in it.

Likewise, I knew ahead of time that in the office where the groomsmen were going to get ready, there was a really cool wood mirror that I knew I could use to grab some shots of Curtis while he got ready.

Then of course, it’s always fun to shoot with rolling hills and mountains in the background – something we don’t have at all in central Ohio!

We got lucky that the weather held off just in time for the first look. The whole day was so much fun! After the first look, we walked over to the vineyard and grabbed plenty of great shots of the bridal party and of Erin and Curtis. Oh, and if you’re in Virginia planning a wedding and considering Veritas for your special day, all I gotta say is make sure the Pork Shank is on your menu!

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