When word go out that Brewdog was opening their first and only brewery and taproom in the US right ere in the Columbus area, to say that I was excited would have been an understatement. Since moving to Columbus 10 years ago, I’ve seen the emergence of many independent breweries open to my delight. Where as 10 years ago you’re only choice to find craft beer at a store to purchase by the can was limited to one, maybe two locations in the whole city, has blossomed into numerous tap rooms and stores dedicated to the craft of fermenting hops.

For me, having Brewdog, an international craft beer maker based in Ellon, Scotland, build in Columbus marked yet another milestone for the region gaining even more recognition of being more than just a small city in the midwest housing Ohio State fans. I was eager for them to arrive, and when they did, they didn’t disappoint!

I was hired to come out to take some architectural shots of their new tap room – specifically areas that could be rented out. While there, I shot some food for them as well. And, as it tends to happen when photographing food and beverage jobs, I was treated to some really solid eats and even more solid beer after the shoot wrapped. Looking forward to going back!

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